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Skiers, Boarders, Rock Climbers

Original patterns are custom-designed from photos. Anything is possible!

In the Trees

A unique fireplace screen captures the memory of deep powder in the trees.
These original designs in stained glass are commissioned works lurking in homes in Calgary, Alberta, and in Collingwood,Ontario.
2 ft. x 2 ft. $500.00 We ship.

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Vintage skier

This vintage skier dude has it all! Fashion, and the latest in equipment, circa 1898. One of a kind. Order directly from Creekside. $250.00 and up, depending on size.

A la mode: Vintage skier

This funky vintage fashion statement provides privacy for a bathroom window. Private residence, Sun Peaks Resort.

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Bring On The Trees!

This full-length doorway window application is installed in a private residence at Sun Peaks Resort, BC. It provides some privacy from the hot tub next door, as well as an extra touch of outdoor beauty indoors!

1920s Ski Fashion

The finest in ski fashion! This vintage skier models the latest early 20th century ski fashion. Private residence, New York.

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Freddie's Finale

Another rendition of a local run, Freddie's Nightmare, hidden off the Burfield Chair at Sun Peaks Resort, Kamloops, BC. Don't go there alone!

Powder Room, Sun Peaks

Clearly a Sun Peaks powder morning! This might be "Claire" from the Sun Peaks Visitor's Guide, needing no guide!

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Powder, Powder, Powder!

This dynamic stained glass skier, modelled from SkiPress Magazine, can be found in Treeline Gallery, Sun Peaks Resort, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Steep and Deep!

Dropping in

Fresh powder and the secret stash! Heading for the steep and deep!

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Sun-up, First Tracks

Crisp, fresh powder is highlighted by an early morning iridescent sky. Early morning on Sun Peaks, British Columbia. This stained glass skier is for sale. We ship. Contact Creekside Stained Glass, or see it at Treeline Gallery, Sun Peaks Resort.

Francois Bourque, Canadian National Ski Team

I'm told that this racer is Francois Bourque, of the Canadian National Ski Team. Perhaps it's the 5-o'clock shadow that gives it away! The panel measures 1 ft.10" x 2 ft.6". On display at Treeline Gallery, Sun Peaks, or contact Creekside Stained Glass directly.

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Snowboarding Heaven, Kicking Horse

Snowboarding at Kicking Horse Resort, April 10, 2002. From a photo.

Rock Climbing, Fiji

This gorgeous piece was created from the original photo taken in Fiji in 2004. A Christmas gift for a Selkirk Mountain Heli Guide.

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